Old Cabinet Makeover

Hi there!

Probably most of you have been in the situation when you are moving into the new apartment and it has like the ugliest furniture in the world! Ugh I just hate when it happens. But if you are caught in the situation like this, do not rush to throw everything away – it might me expensive and a pain in the ass. Also there might be a situation when you are just renting the place and you are not allowed to throw thing out. In this case gently ask your land lord if you can repaint or remake certain item at your place. If the answer is No I am very sorry, if it is a Yes I am happy to introduce you this cool makeover!

First of all, we removed the ugly molding on top. Essentially just hit the top with the hammer and remove it.

Then it was the turn for the doors on the top shelves. I wanted to replace them but turns out that it would be too expensive so I decided to remove them and leave the top shelves opened.

Now it was the time to prepare the cabinet before painting. It is a really long process that might take weeks. I used  WOOD FILLER and a FLEXIBLE PUTTY KNIFE to fill all the wood holes and  scratches. Then I sanded it.

After thoroughly sanding, i patched the holes again and sanded again, to make the holes 100% invisible before painting. When I finished prepping I have cleaned the cabinet with a damp cloth and started to paint it.

I used the same paint I did for walls so the cabinet could blend into it. It came out pretty good.

I also have changed the door knobs to simple wooden ones and they look so much better that the original ones.

After it all dried and ready to use put some plants of other decorations on top of it so it would look even prettier. 

And then I placed my stuff inside. This cabinet is located in the entryway to make it a little place for some coats and shoes.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and got inspired for your place makeover!



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