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Short Handmade Candle Holders!

The cooler and dull the weather is, the more we all want to create as cozy atmosphere in the house, as possible. One of the most easiest and available ways to make a cool autumn evening cozier, is to turn on gentle music, cook something tasty and to light a couple of candles. Today I would like to show you how to make holders for short candles with your own hands! It is also a perfect and original gift for the dearest people. Well, let’s begin?

You will need:

  1. wooden plank (in this case, the length is 1 meter, the width is 7 cm)
  2. a wooden stick
  3. a flat drill ( 40 mm in diameter)
  4. a drill
  5. a hacksaw
  6. a pencil
  7. a ruler
  8. a masking tape or an insulating tape
  9. a sandpaper
  10. a joiner's glue
  11. a white paint
  12. a varnish

Use a ruler and a pencil to divide the wooden plank into square segments. In this case, the width of the plank is 7 cm, and therefore the length of the segments is also 7 cm.

Saw the plank by the marking lines, using a hacksaw or any other saw.

Turn the plank on its side. Attach the flat drill to the edge side of the plank, in order to decide how deep you want to drill the holes. Mark the desired depth, wrapping the masking tape or the insulating tape on the upper part of the drill.

Drill the holes into the square blanks.

File down all the surfaces and corners with the help of the sandpaper.

Clean the planks from dust and then coat them with several layers of white paint.

Saw the wooden stick into segments, the length of which will correspond to the sides of the wooden squares.

Glue several pieces of the wooden sticks together, so as to get a square of about the same width as the plank.

When the glue that connects the sticks is dry, glue the plate with a kerf onto their top. You can cover your handicraft with several layers of lacquer.

Tip: you don’t necessarily need to paint the candlestick in white color - you can choose any color, up to your own taste and phantasy. Experiment with the number of layers, as well as the arrangement of sticks, forming the base of the candle holder! Good luck and happy holidays!

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