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I found such a creative idea and decided to put it into practice for my Cowboy Party. One of its best advantages is that it doesn’t require any complex materials –everything you need for its creating can be easily found.  In result you’ll get a bright and cute garland that will perfectly complement any festive décor! So, let’s begin?

To make a Cactus Garland, you’ll need to take:

-          several sheets of colour paper: light and dark green ones, pink ones and yellow ones

-          scissors

-          a glue

-          a black pen or a marker

-          a pencil

-          a rope

Now, let’s proceed to the creative part – process of making! The first thing you need to do is to prepare templates – you can decide whether to use these ones, or to find any other forms of cacti on the Internet etc.

Then you should cut cacti out of green paper by the templates, and circles out of yellow and pink sheets. Draw spines on each cactus using a black pen or marker.

You can also make small cute flowers out of pink paper and then stick them on the cacti of dark green color. The next step is to cut the rope of the length you need off and to glue it to the back side of each cactus using pieces of plain paper.

Cacti and yellow circles should alternate with each other however you like, or you can make the order on the garland the same, as it is shown in the photo.

And that’s all! Now you only need to hang your bright handmade garland wherever you wish and enjoy it! Good luck and have fun!

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