DIY Tassel Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Hello everyone!

Lately I have discovered a beautiness of the pom poms! They are so cute and I just needed to get me some! And gladly there are lots of the different DIY’s on what to do with them. Today we are going to make our own pom poms out of yarn and them create a Pom Pom Tassel Wall Hanging. Let’s start preparing:

- yarn (assorted colors)
- copper pipe
- rope
- pom-pom makers (assorted sizes)
- fabric scissors
- hot glue gun + glue

Well the instruction picture is pretty self-explanatory so it would be very easy to make pom poms using the maker

If you don’t owe a pom pom maker don’t worry we can make them even without it!

Get a large book or notebook or cardboard – whatever you have near you. Wrap the yarn around the large book to the preferred thickness. Carefully take the yarn off the book and tie double knots around it. Make sure all knots are on even distance. Cut the yarn between the knots. Fluff them and cut the unnecessary threads if needed. And you are done

Make two-colored pom poms by simply switching up the yarn colors for each set of arms. 

Make the yarn tassel following the instructions below.

Now cut the rope into different length. Make a small loop at the beginning of each rope using the hot glue gun and let it dry

When the ropes have dried, loop each of it around the copper pipe.

With the glue gut, stick the pom pom to the bottom of each rope

Loop the rope through the head of the tassel and glue the rope to itself

Tie the extra rope to something you could easily pass through the pipe (like a pen) and make a hook.

Tie the ending of the rope and glue a pom pom to it

Voila! This wall hanging look so amazing and cute but what’s most important – unordinary! I am in love and I bet all my friends will be impressed. If you know someone who would love this thing as well and have an empty wall I am sure it will be a great present for them.



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