No-carve skull pumpkins/scary balloons! :)

These no-carve skull pumpkins are the perfect decoration for a colorful Halloween party. They are super easy to make.

You will need the materials:

- pumpkins

- white acrylic paint

- paint brush(es)

- printable template

- colorful paint pens

- pencil

- hot glue gun

Cut the gray area out of the pumpkin with a knife. I always suggest to buy an xacto knife as it will make lots of the crafts easier.

Be sure the surface of your pumpkin is clean. It will be great to find a big table where you can do your paintings or crafting. Then paint pumpkins with white acrylic paint and allow it to dry. Apply two coats

While your paint is drying , start planning out your designs. Use image as guide. Take your pumpkin and draw designs on both pumpkins with a pencil.

Them get creative with your elements. Use the black paint to draw the shape of the element. Then I used colorful paint pens to fill in designs. Fill in your creative ideas with lots of bright color and use your black paint pen.

On some of the newer paint pens I noticed one thing - try not to press too hard or you will take the paint off.

Hot glue flowers on top of the pumpkin around the stem of both pumpkins. Let it dry


Also it's good idea to make scary balloons. I have searched Internet and found some inspiration. I am obsessed with this Sharpie Silhonette Balloons. They will be great idea for Halloween party. I have bought balloons at Michaels store - white, black and orange color. I had blown up with helium and for a fun texture I added some yarn. Another fun idea is that you can decorate the balloons with a carving pumpkin template. (I will leave templates in the end of this text). Take a sharpie and let your imagination run wild.Last year I rounded up some fun Halloween Pumpkin Carving templates that would be great to draw on ballons as well.


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