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How To Make A Tassel

Tassels from threads which are also made with one's own hands can be necessary for you for various products. It is possible to decorate with them a knitted cap, baktus, an embroidered scarf or any other product. Tassels can be made very simply and quickly: production of one tassel from threads with skill process will take literally 5-10 minutes.

For work prepare strings of the necessary color and thickness, scissors and a template (we will reel up a thread for creation of a tassel on it). The template has to be rather rigid: for this purpose you need a dense cardboard or a plastic rectangle about 7x12 cm in size. And now let's learn in more detail how to make a brush of threads!

Wind off a little thread from a ball and begin to wind it on a template. Your future tassel can be short or long, depending on need: for this purpose just it is necessary to reel up threads on the short or long side of a template. It is better to cut off a thread from a ball at the very end of winding, you don't know yet how many threads will be required to you for creation of a rather magnificent tassel.

When the necessary quantity of threads is reeled already up on a template, it is necessary to fix them on the one hand. For this purpose a thread of the same color tie from above accurate knot. Tighten it properly: it has to be very strong that your future tassel wasn't dismissed at the most inappropriate moment.

When the top of the tassel is fixed, the bottom can be cut off. That the cut was more accurate, use sharp scissors.

Your product is already similar to a tassel! Reel up some more layers of a thread on the top knot and record it. It is convenient to do it by means of a needle. For a decor instead of numerous layers of threads it is possible to use a tape from the atlas or organza. Straighten a bottom of a self-made tassel with scissors that all threads were identical length.

Such tassels can be done of threads both magnificent, and thin, both short, and long. Using different types of threads (wool, acryle, iris, caddis, a mouline thread and others), it is possible to dream, receiving products, absolutely different in the invoice. The tassel from threads can decorate a graceful article of clothing or to become addition to female accessories. And the tassel from a twine (cord) made with one's own hands will be able to become excellent ornament for any product in folklore or country style.


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