Can't find any idea of a gift for your husband, boyfriend, dad, friend, etc.? Do you want this time to prepare a super-cool and creative gift, which will win the heart of a musician, a fan of rock music or comics about superheroes, or "Star Wars"? Then you are exactly where you need! After all, today I have prepared for you a master class for making crafts from felt in a variety of cool figures, including well-known symbols of famous movies! You will be able to make in this way anything you want, according to hobbies and favorite topics of that person, whom you are going to present this souvenir!
Well, let's start?

- A few thin pieces of felt in different colors;
- Stuffing (whatever you want);
- Threads suitable to the color of the felt;
- A needle;
- Scissors;
- A pencil;
- Thin strips;
- Whatever you want to use  as a flavoring: cinnamon, cloves, coffee, etc.
Let's start! First, you need to determine the type of crafts and, accordingly, choose the desired color of the felt. 
Then print out a template for a pattern or draw it yourself. With the help of the template and the multi-colored pieces of felt you then need to make details.
Sew decorative elements to the front part of the future craft (such as symbols etc.). This should be done carefully, by making small stitches and using a thread of the right the color.
Small difficulties may arise only during sewing strings to the guitar. Before you begin, you need to attach the front part to the fingerboard and to the background so that they fully match in size, and then chip them with pins.
The strings are simple the stitches that need to be done carefully, by fixing them with rectangular plates.
Now you can begin to sew the parts together, making a small loop of ribbon at the top of the craft. So you can hang this soft flavored decoration anywhere you want. 
Leave a small hole on the bottom part and push the stuffing and flavoring through it inside the figure. Sew up the sachet.
That's all! Good luck and good mood! Please those who you love with such cool handmade gifts!


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