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DIY: Handmade Leather Coasters!

It often takes pretty much time and effort to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house. We sometimes underestimate the importance of some little details. Even coasters for a dining table are able to complement the look of the kitchen, or to create a cozy atmosphere on the workplace. Today I’d like to offer you a simple master class on creating a practical interior decorations or a nice gift to your friend.

Believe me, it won’t’ be difficult at all to make such leather coasters, which design has something in common with original Eastern patterns. Of course, you can use these two-sided items separately, but be sure that together they also create a very beautiful composition.  Leather is rather expensive material, so you can use old things or artificial leatherette.

Tip: there is no need to use 2 layers of the thick leather material, if you do not want to experiment with an extra color.

To make such cute coasters with your own hands, you should take:

o   leather or leatherette

o   an adhesive tape

o   a mat

o   a knife

o   a roulette

o   scissors

o   an acrylic fixative

o   glue for leather and a brush

You can use these templates or draw your own ones.

1. Print the template on the desired scale. For example, I increase the picture up to 160%.

2. If you want to put two layers of the skin together, you can do it easily with the help of glue and a brush – but you should make it now, and not later.

3. Fix the template onto the surface with an adhesive tape. It is important that each picture segment remains right on their places.

4. Cut the future coasters out of the piece of soft mat, using a sharp knife and a ruler.

Tip: do not worry about the cost of the material, if not every intersection is perfect - you can then trim all the minor bugs with the help of small scissors.

5. The last step is to glue up the both sides with the acrylic fixative.  Well, that’s all! Hope, you’ll enjoy such a creative process of making cute and useful handmade things! Good luck!

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