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There is yet some time till the Valentine's Day left, but with the help of today’s master class you’ll be able to make a nice Valentine card even in the last minute. Well, I’m going to show you how to make a cute present out of paper with your own hands ! It is possible to make a Valentine in origami technique, using bright wrapping paper or pieces of wallpapers. And if you a few such paper hearts on a rope or ribbon, you’ll get a garland for a festive home décor!

So, first of all you should prepare an A4 sheet of wrapping paper. Fold the right corner on the part to the left side of the rectangle. Bend the angle back and do the same step again with the opposite angle. Bending the second corner, you'll get a blank with an outlined pyramid. Pull the upper edge down, bending the side edges of the pyramid into inside. Smooth out all the folds. The upper part of the sheet becomes a triangular shaped pocket.

Fold the right corner of the triangle to its apex. Do the same with the second corner. Fold the side edges of the sheet’s bottom part to its center. Then you should turn the blank and bend her lower lip to the upper triangle base.

The triangular part has two layers. Bend the layer down, so that you get something like an envelope with a flap in the bottom part. The next step is to fold the bottom corners of the envelope you got to the central axis. Insert the corners into the side pockets of the triangular flap and smooth out all the folds again. Fold two protruding corners on the top part down and a bit to the sides. You should be able to insert their edges into the triangular flap.

Well, cute and bright handmade paper hearts are ready. Experiment and please your beloved with such wonderful gifts!

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