Arianna Nelson

How To Make Slipcovers

Slipcover can give new life of old furniture and refresh a view of your room. Though it is possible to get a new cover in shop, but to make it with your own hands is much more profitable and it is possible to pick up the fabric and texture suitable for your furniture. It is best of all to make a cover by means of fixed assets and it takes a couple of hours of your time.


1. Measure a sofa. Measure a distance from a floor and to the highest point of a back of a sofa, and also from a floor on one end and along a sofa by other end. Add the turned-out result and increase on 2. It will give you the idea about that, how many it is required of fabric, and you will make less mistakes.

2. Prepare material for a cover. Wash and dry up fabric that it was softened, and also look whether it will take seat. Stroke fabric before beginning work that fabric was not wrinkled when the cover is ready.

3. Create a cover template. Drape a sofa with a cheap gauze or dense paper in a sofa form. Use chalk to note, where to cut out a place for handles, backs, a seat and lateral faces, and then scissor along lines.

4. Cut out segments for a cover. Place a big piece of fabric for a cover on a flat surface and cover with all parts of a template. Note the sizes with a chalk on fabric and cut out each part, leave a little place for a sewing.

5. Sew parts of a slipcover. Use pins to fix pieces of fabric, fix them only on inside of cretaceous lines. It will allow you to create a cover form.

6. Sew parts together. Use the sewing machine to sew them together on the line drawn with chalk. Hem the ends for the finished look. Stop from time to time to be convinced that you sew precisely on the line.

7. Try on a cover. After the cover is finished, develop it and place on a sofa. Be convinced that it is sewed correctly on handles and other sites.


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