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How To Make A Round Tablecloth

A round tablecloth can cover a large dining table or a small round additional table. For making a round tablecloth, you may sew several pieces of fabric together or use different fabrics as well. The size of your tablecloth will depend on the diameter of the table and the width of the fabric. For the tablecloth, you can use cotton fabric or mid-weight linen. You can also use water-repelling fabric, which you can wipe easily.

We need:

  • a piece of linen;
  • colorful pieces of cotton fabric;
  • interlining;
  • lace;
  • scissors;
  • a compass;
  • threads;
  • needles;
  • iron;
  • sewing machine.

First, let's make the tablecloth. Fold the piece of linen four times and mark the circumference of the tablecloth with the help of the measuring tape and chalk.

Cut all the layers of the fabric along the line.

We have got a circle. Now, proceed to the edge treatment. Bend the edge twice and baste.

Take the lace, lay it over the front face of the tablecloth along the edge and sew on the machine.

Thus, we have sewn the edge of the tablecloth and the lace with one stitch.

Now fold the cloth in four and note the center.

Spread the tablecloth and note the size of the circle, where the decorated Easter eggs will be placed. Mark the circle with the help of the compass.

Now put aside the tablecloth and start making the decorated Easter eggs. Put the pieces of cotton fabric face up on the adhesive side of the interlining and iron.

Cut out the Easter eggs patterns of different sizes.

Transfer the patterns on the fabric.

Cut the fabric in the form of the patterns.

After the eggs are carved, decorate them with the lace. You can decorate them with the embroidery as well.

Now, take the tablecloth, spread it on the table and place the decorated Easter eggs by the circle.

Fix the eggs with needles. You can sew them slightly to the tablecloth to avoid prickling.

Now proceed to the sewing of the eggs to the tablecloth. It will be the most difficult process. Switch your sewing machine to the zigzag sewing mode. Use small step. I used step 0.8. Sew the decorated Easter eggs on the tablecloth.

After it is done, you have to iron the tablecloth on the back and the front sides.

That’s all! We have sewn an elegant Easter tablecloth! Welcome your guests! They will definitely admire your talent of serving the table and the treats!


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