Jordan Harvey

How To Sew A Makeup Bag

A makeup kit is one of the most important things that every woman as. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t always serve its main purpose – keeping cosmetics. It is still important for us to have it. We may keep in a makeup bag such necessary things as means of intime hygiene, a hair brush, keys, flash sticks, a notepad and a pen.

Materials And Instruments:

  • a thick piece of cloth. It will serve as the base of the article. (It maybe a piece of a velours, a furnishing fabric, a piece of a denim cloth etc.);
  • a cotton fabric for the lining;
  • a zipper;
  • pins;
  • scissors;
  • a measuring tape;
  • a mat for the process of cutting;
  • a sewing machine.

The size of the accessory depends on the length of the zipper that you have chosen. The zipper the length of that is 30 cm is ideal in such like cases. Then, the article will be spacious and it will be convenient to keep bracelets and pencils in it. The article may be of a different height. We cut out 2 similar rectangles out of the lining and base fabric. The rectangles should be 30 cm in length.

We fasten the details with each other. In order to do it we put the base fabric in front of ourselves with its face side up. We put a zipper on it. The edges of the fabric’s long sides and the edges of the zipper should be strictly aligned. We put the sample made of the lining fabric on top of the details. We fasten the whole construction with pins. Everything should be the following way: there should be one side of the zipper fastened in between the two textile details. 

The same thing we do with the other side of the article. Stitch the zipper with the help of a sewing machine. The upper part of the makeup bag is ready - the zipper has been stitched to it.

We fold together and fasten the lower ends of all 4 details’ long sides. We fasten them with pins on the wrong side. Stitch them with the help of the sewing machine. The lower part of the makeup bag is ready.

Put the article in front of yourself so that the zipper is located in the middle. Unzip a half of it. This way you’ll get the “pawl” of the zipper aside and it won’t disturb you when you get to working on joints. Fasten the side details of the makeup bag with each other with pins. Create joints on the sides of the makeup bag. go back from the edge on 1-1.5 cm.

In order to make the edges of the makeup bag be the way they should be make an allowance from each edge of 4 cm. Fix the fabric on one place with the help of pins so that there are rectangles. Make joints according to the marks. You may carefully cut off the edges and tack the places of the cut offs or you may leave them the way they are.

Turn out the article on its face side and straighten it. Your makeup bag created with your own hands is ready!


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