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How To Make Umbrella Out Of Paper

Today you can buy paper umbrellas in any store, they are used as children toys or interior decorations. I offer you tutorials on how to make a DIY paper umbrella out of materials that are at handy.

The things you will need:

  • newspaper sheets, a needle or a pen’s refill;
  • scissors, glue;
  • adhesive tape, tweezers;
  • a steel spring;
  • a sheet of A4 paper;
  • cotton threads;
  • napkins or crepe paper;
  • a small piece of rubber;
  • a cap from shampoo or glue bottle;
  • superglue or a glue gun.

Step 1. Make the handle of your umbrella. Cut newspaper sheets in thin strips, twists them in tubes, using a needle or a pen’s refill.

Connect three tubes and fold one end up to create a handle.

Step 2. Now glue the cotton thread’s end to the handle of your umbrella and wrap the tubes with cotton thread. You can choose any color of thread, it’s up to you; cut a round hole near the top to insert a steel spring that will serve as a "button" and glue it:

The spring will prevent the umbrella from closing and it will be secured on the tube.

Step 3. Prepare ten newspaper tubes of the same size. Glue eight of them to the top of the handle creating a kind of cap and wrap it with the cotton thread.

Step 4. On the photo below you can see an umbrella with eight tubes of the same size. Now you need to take the gum 1.5-2cm thick and fix it on the handle closer to the umbrella, then attach eight of these small tubes to it, gently pressing them with tweezers.

Step 5. Let’s manufacture the umbrella. Cut out one detail from the A4 sheet, then stick it to several layers of glued napkins or crepe paper and cut out.

You will need eight pieces to assemble the umbrella. You need to glue them to the axes and, if necessary, cut the excess of paper. Wrap the handle with a thick layer of transparent tape; it will make it more durable.

Step 6. Make curls out of crepe paper as shown on the photo:

Glue the small curl on the top of the umbrella to hide any possible defects and attach two big ones to the rubber in the bottom (rubber attached to the handle), creating a kind of a skirt:

Now our umbrella should look like this:

Folded it looks like this:

Now you need to glue the handle (after I covered it with a layer of tape it looks smaller) I take an empty pack out of glue-pen and insert the handle in it, and then cover the cap with two layers of crepe paper and tape.

Once you are done with the cap, your umbrella is finished. If you wish, you can cover the umbrella’s dome with tape to prevent it from wrinkling when you fold it.


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