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How To Make A Coloring Book

Do you know how to make a coloring book with your own hands? We all know that learning is easier when the task is interesting and unusual. Perhaps, it is difficult to find a child who would not love coloring books.

How to make a coloring book by your own hands: some comments before the work

  • Since the coloring book is so to say a one-time thing, you can use absolutely any paper.
  • For the cover, you can also select the paper that you do not like, or you cannot find a use for.
  • All that you do for children is to be accurate and robust. Because you will be presenting not only a coloring book, but also an example of how things should be done.

You will need:

  • any thick paper for a cover;
  • any plain paper for pages;
  • white thread and a needle;
  • pencil;
  • glue;
  • ruler;
  • scissors.

Let’s get started.

Step 1. To start we will pick up actually the pictures for a coloring book. We found on the internet four pictures about the summer, winter, fall and spring. We have printed them out. Each picture is of ¼ of a А4 sheet.

Step 2. From plain paper we make the blanks for pages. An A4 sheet we cut into two parts. We will need three of such parts. Fold each part in half.

Step 3. Now let's glue the pictures. On the first sheet we glue the picture on the right, on the second - on the left and on the third - both on left and right.

Step 4. Take the first two sheets (on which there is one picture), and glue them together. We do not touch the third sheet.

Step 5. From the paper, which we have chosen for the cover, we cut a rectangle the size a little bigger than one sheet.

Step 6. Fold it in half.

Step 7. Now we will put our book together. Put the cover face down, then put a sheet with two pictures (the third one) and glue it. Then we put the glued sheets.

Step 8. Insert a thread into the needle in two, tying the knot. Pierce by a needle all the sheets through, leaving about 4-5 cm of a thread. The first piercing is in the center.

Step 9. Make a stitch to the right, then to the left and return the thread in the place of the first piercing. Tie the tails of a thread and cut off the excess.

Step 10. Next to each picture there is a blank page left. It is no coincidence. Here we will write the name of a season of a year, corresponding to the picture and the months.

Our coloring book is ready.


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