Arianna Nelson

How To Draw Tweety

Step 1. Draw a big circle for Tweety’s head and a line below.

Step 2. Using this form, draw a real Tweety’s head. Note that Tweety has a big dome shape head, at the same time the lower part of its face is much smaller. Draw the cheeks and proceed to the next step.

Step 3. We will draw a Tweety. Draw the oval shaped eyes with pupils and the beak as shown on the photo.

Step 4. Let’s finish up the portrait of Tweety. Add the lower part of the small beak, a thin neck and strokes to pupils. Draw eyelashes. Highlight its happy and surprised expression with folds on the front and hairs that will be transformed into feathers later. Erase unnecessary lines.

Step 5. Compare your drawing to ours. Color the chicken in a nice yellow color with orange beak and blue eyes.

The more you practice, the more smiles and joy you will bring to yourself and your relatives and friends. Practice your drawing skills everyday with our tutorials.


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