Amelia Hernandez

Origami Dog

1. Take a square sheet of thin construction paper. Fold it diagonally and straighten it.

2. Bend right and left angles of the sheet to the bending line.

3. Turnover the article. Bend the lower angle up so that it coincides with the upper angle.

4. Once again, turn over the article. There should be 2 angles in the center of the article.

5. Pull one of the center angles down and straighten it the way it is shown on the picture.

6. Do the same with the second angle. Now our article turned onto a tetragon the sharp top of which is directed up.

7. Take the tetragon in hands and you’ll see that the upper sharp angle consists of 2 layers. Let the sharp angle that’s on the underneath side of the article down and put the article on the table. Now the article is rhombus-shaped. In the center there are 2 triangle “ears”. You should untuck them down, the way it’s shown on the picture.

8. Turn the article around its axis and clockwise on 90o. Then, fold the article in two. As a result, you’ll have an isosceles triangle.

9. Once again, turn the article around its axis and clockwise on 90o. Now our triangle article is deposited so that its sharp angles are directed up and down and its obtuse angle to the right.

10. Pull the upper sharp angle and inflect it inside the article.

11. Your article now looks like 2 legs. Since the right leg is split in two the article will be easy to set on the table.

12. Untuck the upper angle of the article the way it is shown on the picture.

13. Now you have the head of the dog and its ears.

14. Make the muzzle of the dog. In order to make it you need to bend the sharp angle (a little bit less than a half of it) inside the muzzle.

15. Shape the nose of the dog. In order to so that bend the sharp angle inside the muzzle (the one that we worked with on the previous stage) once again. The sharp end should peep out from inside.

16. Bend the sharp end up.

17. Once you finish shaping the nose, it should look like on the picture.

18. Now shape the body of the dog. In order to do it you should inflect what’s left of the sharp angle inside the article.

19. Put the dog on one side. We need to start shaping the tail of the dog. We incurve the bigger part of the sharp angle outside.

20. you may leave the tail to be straight.

21. You may bend the tail in a ringlet.

22. with the help of a light bend, we point out the legs and the back of the dog.

23. Make one more dog. The dog will be a friend to your terrier.


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