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How To Make A Paper Dragon

What is the way to make a dragon from paper? Opt for origami, a Japanese technique of folding of figures from pieces of paper, which won thousands of admirers among children and adults.

Fold A Dragon In The Origami Technique

To create a dragon from paper in the origami style one will need:

  • a piece of colored black or bright-red paper (it is recommended to choose a double-faced one). One can also make a figure from the usual white sheet of paper, and then paint it in the required color;
  • scissors;
  • a ruler and a pencil of the marking 2T (maximally hard, as it leaves minimum of traces).

Stepwise Instruction

One needs to make a square from the prepared piece of paper (bend it diagonally and cut off the extra paper).

Find the center on every side of the resulted square. These points should be connected between each other by lines so that an equilateral rhombus would appear.

Bend the sheet in defined lines so that angles of triangles get together in the middle of the square.

Turn over the figure. Mentally divide the right upper side of the rhombus per five parts and of the upper corner on the right lateral face, mark the point so that it would be in distance of the 1/5 from the vertice of the rhombus.

Mark the point from the same top approximately on the same distance to the center of the rhombus. Then draw lines from the right and the left corners to the marked point.

Bend sides along lines towards yourself – thus, the beak of the future dragon is made. It must be pressed up.

Further, fold the upper half diagonally in the center of the rhombus. At the same time, thrust two side corners of the triangle inside. Consequently, all the vertices of the rhombus must be gathered in one point.

Fold back two front elements inside the upper part and the back ones – inside the back one.

A figure remotely similar to a kite should result.

Turn around the back part and the front one in direction indicated by arrows – simultaneously bending the front part, thus, we get something like a square.

Bend "ears" in the back and in front in the lines that have already been bent. As a result, we again get an improvised rhombus.

Then, turn over the right part of the front part to the left. And combine the left part of the rear element with the right side.

Consequently, we get a figure similar to a bird.

Now, bend the right part along the line in form of "a lightning"
It will be a tail, model the left one in the same way – it will be the neck of our dragon. Do the same with wings.

The curve on the back can be bent inwards, peel back the head slightly ahead and double the tail along the indicated dotted lines.

Further, neatly peel back the dragon's wings in the front and rear upward and unbend the tongue in jaws in accordance with the drawing.

Bend outthrusts down indicated dotted lines – thus, we get paws.

Once more bend the corners of paws protruding in the front and back, modeling feet completely. Remove projecting corners in the area of the neck and of the tail of the figure inside (as it is shown in the picture).

Give wavy shape to dragon's wings and tail.


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