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How To Make Pom Pons

Pompom is a very unusual accessory. It often decorates hats, scarves, and even curtains or shades. The history of the use of pompons sends us in the days of the Tsarist army, when the uniform of a soldier and an officer can be distinguished precisely by color of a pompon.

For making pompoms you can use completely different types of yarn:

  • synthetic;
  • melange;
  • woolen.

In addition, prepare in advance:

  • cardboard sheet;
  • size A4;
  • pencil;
  • scissors and compasses or circular dishes for template.

And now we offer you to view photos, and read the instructions, which will help to make a pompom of threads with your own hands.

1. To begin you should decide what size your pompom will be. It all depends on how thick the thread you'll use. Pompom from fine yarn looks more elegant, recalling a little fluffy ball. The thick threads are also an advantage, because they can be used to create highly original pompoms, spending a little time and material. Beginners are usually suggested to make pompons from thicker yarn.

2. First we manufacture the patterns. Take a piece of cardboard, draw on it 2 circles. Their range is equal to the radius of your future pompon. In the middle of one of the circles, draw a circle, half the size of the diameter, and cut it out. Attach this circle to the second larger circle and cut out a hole. Thus, you should have 2 circles with the through holes in the middle. Something like two cardboard bagels.

3. Now we're going to wrap our circles by threads. To make it convenient to do so, prepare a small ball of yarn, which will flow freely into the opening of cardboard workpiece. Put together 2 cardboard "bagels" and begin to wrap them with threads. Do not rush, take the following technology: methodically poking a ball into the hole, gradually wrapping the circles with threads. Make sure that the strings are tight to each other. Arrange in a circle several layers of yarn, adding new balls. So your future pompon will look thick and fluffy. You can also use thread of different colors in order to give your pompon unusual color.

4. Once you have finished to wrap your cardboard workpieces, cut by the scissors the threads at the point where they join the circles. Do it gently, holding the fibers of the yarn. It is best to put the pattern on the table. Prepare a long piece of string, it will serve you to fasten the pompons.

5. Spread patterns for a short distance from each other and pull the thread between them. Tie a thread in the knot exactly in the middle, while trying to distribute all of the villi.

6. Remove the cardboard, after making an incision in the middle. For your pompon to hold fast, wrap the thread around the middle a few times and tie.

7. The remaining end of the thread put the needle with a large eye and sew a few stitches in the middle of it. Level the threads on pompons with scissors. Your accessory is ready and now you can easily sew it on a hat or a scarf.


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