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How To Make A Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher needs to be woven in one breath, without being distracted by other thoughts and deeds. Otherwise, it absorbs the thoughts and emotions that were experienced by the master. It is necessary to pre-tune. Wash, remove from yourself the daily negative, think about the good, think about the person for whom you braid the dreamcatcher, formulate what you want to wish him/her. In the wording it is necessary to avoid any "NOT", subconscious mind refuses to accept them and assimilates all the way around.

For a dreamcatcher in this master class were used:

  • hoop of willow;
  • pheasant feathers and black marabou feathers;
  • wood beads;
  • stones: jasper, rose quartz, labradorite;
  • 100% wool yarn;
  • cotton thread;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Step 1.

First entwine the hoop by threads and cord. While we are entwining, we wish to the owner of a dreamcatcher all the best: good dreams, sweet dreams, vivid dreams, colorful dreams and interesting worlds in the dreams etc. We fix a thread, make a loop to hang it on.

Step 2.

Then we tie a thread to weave the web. I use thin thread type Iris or ordinary sewing threads, if the stone beads have very thin holes. The principle of weaving the web is shown in the following pictures. Traditionally 9 or 11 joints of a thread with a hoop are made, based on this we are planning the distance between places of tightening the loops. It is important to make regular intervals between places of thread locking and keep the structure in good tension. In the meantime, you can stick the beads.

Step 3.

After the first round is enmeshed it is needed to measure the length of thread for the dreamcatcher. This unfortunately cannot be taught, it is achieved empirically. The diameter of the dreamcatcher is 12 cm, the thread was about 110 cm. Thread is wound on the shuttle or we catch it in the needle (if we weave beads into the web, then we need a needle), then we start a second round. We make loops as shown in the photo — loop is tightened in the knot through the middle of the segment in the previous round:

Step 4.

Thus we repeat many, many laps in a row in a clockwise direction, simultaneously weaving beads:

Step 5.

Here we have woven to the center. Here it is necessary to leave a hole of a size, so that the tip of the index finger would fit in there.

Hole is the ability of the emergency exit out of sleep, so to speak. The bird's feather or a piece of fur, or stone can be attached to it. The last knot after which we will cut the thread is necessary to fix with the glue.

Step 6.

Then we attach the feathers. To a hoop with the web we tie yarn length of 15-20 cm at the points where it would be at 3, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively:

Then we string beads on threads to decorate. It is necessary to choose such that in their inner hole the tip of the feather would fit in. Feathers are passed in the last beads on a string, we fix with a glue the joint place.

When all the feathers are attached our dreamcatcher will look like this:

We lay it aside for several minutes for the glue to dry up in all the places. Then we put it on a sunlight (symbolic pre-cleaning by the solar energy) for a day. After this dreamcatcher can be hung at the head of the sleeper. From time to time it is needed to hang it up in the sunlight.

As a result you get an interesting and unusual gift made by your own hands.


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