Brooke Webb

How To Make Burp Cloths

When you feed a baby there’s often puree or soup all over the place. Stains from food are quite hard to wash out from clothes. But you can sew a burp cloth to avoid them. It is really easy to do.

You will need the following:

  • 2 pieces of cloth about 30x30 cm.;
  • 80 cm. of Bias binding (you can either buy it or sew it yourself);
  • some waterproof material;
  • 3 appliques that you can make yourself.


1. Draw the pattern on paper.

2. Fold each piece of cloth in halves with their faces inside, put the pattern on top of it and pin it.

3. Circle the pattern with a pencil or a piece of chalk and copy the contour at 1-1.5 cm., so that you will have the allowance for stitches.

4. Draw a line on one of the pieces along which you will sew the halves of the burp cloth together.

5. Cut out both parts.

6. Put them with their faces inside and stitch it along the contour with a sewing machine. Do not stitch the gorge!

7. Cut the allowance leaving only 0.5 cm. and make incisions in the corners as close to the stitch as possible.

8. Evert the burp cloth to the face side and draw out the cloth in the corners using a needle.

9. Iron it.

10. Stitch the edges at 0.3-0.5 cm., so that the shape will hold on.

11. Cut the allowance in the gorge area.

12. Take a buckram or some other waterproof material, cut a smaller shape and insert it inside the burp cloth. Now it will not get wet!

13. Buy some bias binding or make it yourself. Cut a strip 4 cm. wide and 80 cm. long. Fold it in halves and iron. Then fold the corners inside and iron it again.

14. Sew the Bias binding to the gorge.

Decorate the burp cloth. Pin the applique to it and stitch it using the sewing machine.

The burp cloth is ready!


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