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How To Make Curtains

Gentle, delicate curtain in Venetian-style of pink color will be a real decoration of a  window! The horizontal strip of wadding satin gives more solemnity, light and airy design in which is masterfully hidden the rod for attachment of a curtain to the window.

Materials required for the size of the window 1,5 х 1,2 m:

  • natural muslin white or cream color 2,5 м х 3 m;
  • wadding satin with a colorful floral pattern height of 80 cm and a width of 1,5 m;
  • pink satin ribbon 20 meters long and 5 cm wide;
  • wadding satin: 1 strip 3 m х 17 cm and 4 strips 2,4 m х 13 cm;
  • satin ribbon we cut into 8 strips of 2,5 m.

Sewing of a curtain, step by step:

1. on a cloth of curtain gently pull out 2 threads in order to accurately identify the line for attaching bands of wadding satin: the first thread - right along the top edge, the second - leaving 17 cm from the top edge. We mark the vertical guides for the side strips, pulling 4 threads around the edges of the cloth at a distance of 13 cm from each end. Then, by pulling the threads we mark the location of the vertical satin stripes inside the cloth of a curtain.

2. we tuck by 1 cm both sides of each stripe of 13 cm width of wadding folded atlas. Fold the strip in half wrong side up and iron them.

3. we take two vertical strips of wadding atlas 2,4 m x 13 cm,  we put right sides to the side edges of the curtain cloth and fasten by pins. Stitch by a sewing machine, turn away on the front side and iron.

4. between vertical stripes of wadding satin and a curtain, making way by 5 cm from the top edge, place two pink satin ribbons, cover them with vertical strip of wadding satin, attach its sides by pins with the curtain, focusing on the level of the drawn threads.

5. stitch upper edges of atlas ribbons. The strip of wadding satin 3 m x 17 cm we stitch on both sides by 1 cm, stitch the marks of stretched threads and to vertical stripes. Stitch first horizontal strip at the edges, and then from the top by 5 cm. On the lines marked by threads we sew the vertical stripes. Then we stitch the lower edge of a curtain and iron it.


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