Audrey Scott

How To Make Cat Ears

It is possible to assume, that a rim with cat ears can prove useful anytime: for a thematic party, just for a good mood, or as an object to particularly extravagant persons. To make such rim, one needs neatness and patience. The most diverse materials can be used.


  1. A band.
  2. Chocolate, beige and pink felt.
  3. A paper for a pattern.
  4. Scissors.
  5. A needle.
  6. Threads.
  7. Glue.

Double the sheet of paper, paint a sketch of the future ear, scissor it out.

Scissor out two parts from chocolate felt.

Wrap them around a band and sew rims together.

Scissor a smaller-sized triangle from pink felt and glue it the already sewn down brown or beige parts.

These handmade ears will become an excellent addition to a cat carnival costume.


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