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How To Make A Flapper Dress

A flapper dress is a fashionable and stylish item for women's wardrobe. You can wear this dress if you go to a restaurant or at a reception in the theater. The dresses of different styles are decorated with fringe, and it can be used not only on the edge of the dress. You can sew a flapper dress on your own. Several days are enough to create a unique and incredibly stylish outfit.

You will need:

  • The pattern of the dress;
  • Thread, scissors, needles;
  • Fabric for the dress;
  • Fringe.

1. Find a suitable pattern for the flapper dress. Take measurements of the hips and waist. If your measurements do not meet the standards of the selected pattern, transfer the drawing on tracing paper and modify according to your size, so the outfit will sit perfectly.

2. Choose the material for the dress and the fringe of matching color. Transfer a ready pattern on the fabric using chalk, and cut the parts. Leave a seam allowance - 1-2 cm will be enough.

3. Baste the seams with threads of a relevant color. If the model has an undercut, baste it first, then treat the basic seams. Sew the sleeves, if it is provided. Gather the sleeve precisely on the shoulder line, then stitch it to the armhole.

4. Try the workpiece. Make the line of the hem on the product. It is better to try on a dress wearing the shoes, with which you plan to wear it in the future. Adjust the workpiece on the figure. Check if every line of the dress is straight. Remove the excess, if necessary.

5. After fitting and necessary adjustments, sew the flapper dress on the machine. Firstly, sew the darts, and then you can move on to the side seams and sleeves. Make all the seams with the same length. The lines should be straight. Get rid of the thread, which you were using to grind the dress, and iron the seams carefully.

6. Arrange the bottom of the product. Pull up the hem of the dress with a hidden seam. Alternatively, it is possible to make the hem using a sewing machine.

7. Deal with the neck. If you are sewing a light dress, treat the neck with piping. If you have chosen a model of dense material, it is necessary to carve out the piping in advance. Align the piping with the product by the front sides and stitch them. Turn it to the wrong side. Baste and iron. Follow the stitching along the edge of the neck.

8. Decorate the finished dress with fringe. Attach the fringe to the front of the dress. Sew the line using a sewing machine. If you are using a wide fringe, make a second line parallel to the main one.


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