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How To Make Infinity Scarf

In this post, you will see how to make an infinity scarf of fabric or old things.

Find some old T-shirt - multi-colored or tone - and cut midway, cutting the top part to the underarms and bottom seam (picture 2.3). Fold in half the resulting tube, parallel to the cutting, and cut the slices into two shorter tubes (picture 4). Cut the side seams of shirts, so you get four rectangles of the same fabric (picture 5). Impose the rectangles overlapping by narrow sides (about 1 cm), and sew them together until you get one large ring of fabric.

The infinity scarf is ready!

The 2nd Method

Take unnecessary jacket or sweater and cut the top part of it up to the armpits – just the same as in the 1st method. Sweater is better, if it has a large size, so scarf can be wrapped around the neck several times. Deal with the upper edge (the cutting) by a special adhesive tape, or it can be over logged by a machine or manually.

The scarf made from T-shirts is done the same. Cut off the top, up to the armpits and bottom seam. Drag the resulting tube to the different sides - the scarf will not be broad and spun on the edge-cut. Done!

The 3rd Method

Take a rectangular piece of fabric with a length and double width of your scarf. If your scarf should be 2 m long and 50 cm wide, the size of the fabric will be 2m x 1m. Fold it in half, lengthwise (inside out) and sew along the long edge to get the tube. The edges of the products are also sewn, leaving only a small hole that could turn a scarf on the front side, and then gently turn it.

These are the basic instructions, but you can use your imagination to add something extra ordinary: you can combine different fabrics or to decorate the seams with the scarf lace - in any case, you will have your exclusive scarf!


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