Ariana Green

How To Draw Mythical Creatures

Today I will teach you how to draw mythical creatures. With fantasy character like gargoyle you could meet in computer games, in the literature and in the movies. Also in recent times the tattoos of gargoyle have become popular. But what are these monsters?

To start we will draw on paper the line of our demon's spine and the oval of his face. You can also draw a pedestal beneath or a parapet, on which he will have to sit.

Next, we must use the lines to indicate the position of the skeleton. We put them in a place where will be located the wings, legs, a horn and other parts of the body. Overlay the auxiliary circles, which will help us to draw the body of gargoyle. Also we give the approximate shape of the head - ears, snake eyes, mouth.

Since our demon is very strong we draw a muscular body, and no less muscular front and rear paws. While many argue that they had no paws, but arms and legs, but in most of the statues they have reached us in this form.

Now we go to the drawing of the wings. Like all ancient mythical creatures, gargoyles had sharp fangs that we should draw.

At the last stage we draw a tail, spikes on the spine, teeth and other small details. For anyone it's no secret that in the details any work of art becomes realistic and great. Do not forget the auxiliary lines, which we drew first. They should be erased.

Now we can clearly identify the contours and start painting our gargoyle. This is done best by shading of a soft pencil. If you have a desire you can draw the entourage.


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