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How To Make Scarves

This scarf with pompoms gives elegant appearance in a combination with a coat or a sweater, it also looks very stylish with a T-shirt or even with a dress in summer. To show one's individual style, it is enough to know how to create it at home on your own.

For production of scarves, you will need the following: flax cloth (150 х 50 cm); pompoms (3 m); threads suited in color.

1. Make a small cloth cut as it is shown below and pull out one thread. It is required to mark the cloth spinning line. If the thread is broken, try to pull out one more thread. The result should be the following:

Make the cut along this line. It should be done on one of the edges of the cloth and 50 cm lower. Then, a ready piece of 150x50 cm will be the result.

2. Fold the edge of the cloth per approximately three cm along each of the sides, 150 cm long, press it. Fold the clothe to its back side.

3. Fold the edge of the cloth one more time and press properly.

4. Now bend the edge in the other direction to get a small pocket for pompoms. Press it.

5. Carefully fix the ribbon of the pompoms with help of sewing pins.

6. Using a foot of a sewing machine, stitch together pompoms closer to the edge of the cloth.

7. Now stitch the opposite side of the bend.

A note: be careful, a similar thing can sometimes happen at making folds.

8. After you sewed on pompoms from both 150 cm sides, roll the scarf in half into faces, align edges and stitch them.

9. Press the seam, open and sew each side with stitches in the direction of the edge.


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