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How To Make Salt Crystals

To create a beautiful unique thing on one`s own, one is to know how to grow a crystal and be a little patient. It is great, if you acquaint kids with crystal growing, as they find a real magic in this process. The extent of crystal is in direct relationship with the time being spent for its growth. If the process of crystallization goes slowly, a fairly large sized monocrystal forms, while small crystals are got quickly.

The common salt is a substance available in any house. To grow its transparent cubic crystals, one must prepare working solution. 200 ml of water in a clear glass (or a glass can) should be placed into a dish with water from +50…+60 degrees. Pour salt into the glass, it should be stirred up and left for some time.

Salt dissolves under influence of warmth. Afterwards, salt is added and stirred up again. The procedure is repeated until salt ceases to dissolve and starts to settle to the bottom. The saturated solution is poured into a clean dish of the equal volume; at the same time the residues of salt are cleared from the bottom. Having chosen a bigger crystal, tie it to a thread and hung it in such a way as it would not touch the side of a receptacle or just put it to the bottom.

Several days later, the changes of the crystal will become noticeable. The process of growth can last for so long as the size of the crystal will suit you.

Use food dyestuffs to give color to crystals.


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