Eva Cruz

How To Make A Wooden Box

The following is necessary for production of a wooden box:

  • Plywood 8-layered;
  • Glue polymeric;
  • Electrofret saw;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Hard putty;
  • Loops (2 pieces);
  • Screws;
  • Gas torch;
  • Acrylic varnish;
  • Gold paint;
  • Milling cutter with a mill under 45 ° and a mitre cutter.

Mark future blanks (4 walls of a box, a bottom, 4 walls of a cover, a cover) on plywood.

With electrofret saw you need to saw a sheet.

Here it is worth making a reservation that it was possible to saw and on a circular saw, then it would turn out more exactly. But I something have missed this moment.

I didn't want that layers of plywood were visible outside. Therefore with a milling cutter pass on edges for receiving a bevel in 45 °.

Carefully process all surfaces with sandpaper, leveling flaws and giving a tidy look.

Collect a box on a plain surface on polymeric glue. It's viscous and quickly enough grabs.

Similarly collect a cover.

Until glue has grabbed finally, straighten cover walls on the box walls.

Receive more or less evident type of future casket.

Apply putty on cracks in joints. They wouldn't be if there was a milling little table, and so it was necessary to work with small details on weight.

Process with sandpaper already hard putty.

Mark spaces for loops.

Choose with mitre cutter mill seats.

Estimate that has turned out.

Set loops down on screws.

Before twisting loops make sure you drill openings under screws a drill of slightly smaller diameter. Otherwise when screwing screws will break off your plywood.

Remove loops. Carefully, without overheating, burn a box. From an overheat of a wall can move the screw.

Again establish loops. Then cover a box with an acrylic varnish. Paste over with a painting adhesive tape and paint sides with a sponge.

I have decided to unpack and cut out a hieroglyph. Similarly on the face I prepare a template in the form of a stylized rabbit.

Fill templates. Allow them to dry.

That's all. Our wooden box is ready.


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