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How To Make A Drawer

Quality and reliability of any piece of furniture in many respects depends on insignificant. Each trifle is important, from them a whole is formed. One of such important components — a drawer without which neither the complete kitchen, nor a sliding wardrobe, nor office table does.

Materials And Tools For Assembly Of A Drawer

  • Laminated chipboard;
  • DVP (for a box bottom);
  • Drill;
  • Drill, with a diameter of 4 mm;
  • Drill, with a diameter of 10 mm;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Furniture guides.

How To Correctly Calculate The Box Sizes

Calculation of the case of a box is a simple procedure. The detail on which the guide (box depth) will fasten usually is accepted to the equal length of guides. They, in turn, are issued to multiple 50 millimeters: 250, 300 and so on, up to 600 millimeters.

The detail which will settle down on box width is calculated as follows. Aperture width, minus 26 millimeters (a technological gap on guides), minus 32 (at a standard thickness of a chipboard of 16 millimeters). For example, if the aperture in which there will be boxes at us is equal 500 millimeters, therefore, the detail turns out 500-26-32=442 millimeters.

Assembly Of A Drawer

Before assembly of a box it is necessary to drill details on which guides will fasten. Two drills of different diameters are used for this purpose. The drill with a diameter of 4 mm makes a through opening, and the second drill with a diameter of 10 mm is used for deepening of a hat of the self-tapping screw.

That an opening have had precisely in the middle of the connected detail, and self-tapping screws at twisting didn't get out outside before beginning to drill, it is desirable to make a marking of details. For simplicity to carry out by rather simple pencil a strip at distance of thickness of a chipboard.

Now it is possible to drill a detail. At first precisely in the middle, between a strip and edge of a detail, with a drill of 4 mm make the through opening becomes. Then take a drill of 10 mm and drill on small depth exactly so to hide inside a self-tapping screw hat. It is necessary to drill 4 openings on each detail.

Assembly of a box is made by furniture self-tapping screws 4×40 or 4×45 of mm. Self-tapping screws should be twisted strictly perpendicularly to a detail.

After full assembly of the case of a drawer and before fastening of a bottom, it is necessary to check diagonal. If the box has no diagonal, then it can lead to design distortions at promotion and, as a result, to failure of guides.

The bottom of a box is made with nails, 20-25 mm long, for reliability it is possible to twist several self-tapping screws also.

Now it is possible to fix guides to a box. They fasten through factory openings mm self-tapping screws 3, 5×16 or 4×16 flush with a box bottom, but by no means, without overcome dimensions!

The drawer is ready to installation.


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