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How To Make A Platform Bed

The platform bed has no springs or a metal frame. It is only the wooden platform with a mattress, sometimes having side protections, a headboard or sliding lockers. Such beds exist already one thousand years while beds with springs exist only about 150 years. It is easy to make a platform bed with one's own hands.

Your Actions

Measure the mattress. The platform has to be 3 centimeters wider and longer than your mattress that when you put a mattress on your bed, you had a ledge about one centimeter from each side.

Take away 30 cm from also width of your mattress are long to have the sizes the platform reasons. The basis has to be less platform that you didn't fight legs about a bed when you go to bed.

Collect all necessary materials. Except a tree for your bed, tools, expendables and paint will be necessary for you.

Construct the platform basis, using boards of 60 by 250 centimeters or 60 by 300 cm in size. Solving height of your platform, take sockets, a heated floor and height of your mattress into account.

Cut off boards that they were the correct size, and spread out them so that at you the rectangle has turned out. Measure and cut off 2 or 3 crossing points, depending on the basis size that they were located in a rectangle. Spread out crossing points at distance identical from each other.

Construct the basis by means of screws for a tree. Drill openings for screws in each board, and use joiner's glue on games of openings to condense joints. Be convinced that your boards connect at an angle 90 degrees.

Put short pieces of boards in cracks between crossing points, and screw them on the place that your basis was stable. Distribute pieces equally.

Give to glue time to dry. Close heads of screws putty for a tree and paint the outer side of the basis.

Collect a platform the same as you have collected the basis, without forgetting that it has to be 30 cm wider and longer than the basis.

Put a platform on the basis that it lay in the center, and fix it on the place by means of screws. Screws have to be where long boards of the basis connect to long boards of a platform. Use long screws for boards, without forgetting to bore through openings that the board wasn't split.

Put the sheet of MDF over a platform. Carefully apply joiner's glue on edges of boards and screw MDF on a platform so that MDF wasn't split.

Attach a fringing on edges of MDF to hide incomplete edges.
Give time to a glue to dry, close heads of screws putty for a tree, and paint your platform.


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