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How To Make An Ergonomic Chair

What is the benefit of an ergonomic chair? It turns out that everything is quite simple. The more the angle of elevation is the straighter keeps a man his back. This is connected with the back’s center of gravity. When a man is sitting sloping surface, he keeps his back straight. This happens unconsciously. The thing is that this way it’s more comfortable to sit. A man will simple be unable to hump up the back since it’ll cause inconvenience.

Irrespective of the fact that the construction of an ergonomic chair is quite simple, the prices at which such like chairs are sold are quite impressive. If you wish, you may make an ergonomic chair with your own hands using wooden bars or a shaped metal tube.

The sizes of the bars that you’ll need in order to make an ergonomic chair are given on the scheme.

This is the way a 3D model of a future ergonomic chair looks like:

Now, let’s get to applying theory into practice. According to the scheme, we need to get the wooden bars ready at first. You need to use wood without twigs. It’ll also be better to use hardwood.

If you do not want your chair to start creaking a month after you start using it, then, you need to use furniture dowels and joiner’s glue in order to connect the bars.

The procedure of making the chair will take quite a long time since the glue will need some time to dry. Additionally, you may connect the bars with the help of screws and wood screw couplers just to make the chair be more solid.

As for the seat and feet stand, we cut them out of plywood. The plywood should be 20 mm. thick. We fasten them to the frame of the chair with the help of wood screw couplers and furniture dowels.

Of course, without soft upholstery, sitting on such a chair will be inconvenient. That’s why you’ll need to upholster the plywood with foam rubber.

It’s quite recommended to use several types of foam rubber. There should be a hard foam rubber and a softer one on top of it. This way knees won’t press through the soft foam rubber and abut the tough foam rubber.

We upholster the foam rubber with an elastic decorative textile.

In order to be able to easily move the chair we fasten wooden wheels to the base of it.

Since there are square wooden bars at the base of the chair and it stands on its ribs when it’s unfolded, we need to make holes in the lower bar. These holes are for the wheels. In order for the wheels to be adjusted vertically (strictly!) we put an unfolded chair on the floor. We put a ruler on to its side (or a bar that’s 15-20 mm. thick) and, starting from the end of the chair’s base, we mark the place where the wheels should be with the help of a pencil.

Our ergonomic chair is ready to use.

Once the chair is folded, it doesn’t need much space. Therefore, it is possible to keep it in the cellar.


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