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How To Make A Sandbox

When you equip you country-house with necessary facilities, it is recommended to use the zoning method. It will make the landscape more harmonious and functional. A cozy summerhouse in the shade will save you from hot weather, and artificial reservoir will show an elegant taste of the hosts. It will be even better if you create everything on your own.

It is difficult to imagine the family house without a sandbox for children: they are fond of playing there for hours. Making a reality of their dreams, the children develop their creative ability and motility of their hands. Even doctors practice the sand therapy to help people get better. Let's earn how to make a sandbox.


Firstly, you have to choose a place for the sandbox, and the main factor you should consider is, of course, safety. The sandbox should be easily seen from all the angles of the site. Secondly, a big tree near the sandbox will be just to the point. The penumbra will protect children from burning solar rays. If there are no big trees on your strip, you can install a shed with an interesting design or a beach umbrella. The bench for adults would also suite the sandbox.

Thirdly, you should consider a protection from wind. Draught protection is also an important rule for maintaining safety.

Size And Form

The standard form of the sandbox is square or rectangle. It helps to place many children in 1 time. The length of the side can be from 1. 5 to 2.5 m. The height of the collar depends on the width of the board. A comfortable one can be from 0.12 m to 0.25 m. The thickness of the sand mound should be no less than 15 cm. The small benches should be put in the inner angles of the sandbox, so it would be more comfortable for the children to play with the sand.


You can buy a ready plastic sandbox, if you want. In case you want to make a sandbox on your own, wooden boards would be a perfect solution. The best material is a cut pine with the width from 25 to 32 mm. To connect them, you will need bars 70x70 mm. The sand stuff can be a bank sand or a quartz sand.

Preparing Materials

The wood should be well polished before sawing, so the child will not get a trauma while playing. Child's hands strongly clasp in any item. He can get a scratch or splinter while contacting with the wooden elements. That is why all details should have a smooth structure.

To make the wood moisture resistant and make its life longer, all details should be processed by antiseptic and protective paint layer.

Before filling the sandbox up, you should sift it over a small sieve to clean it from unnecessary objects.


  • grinding machine;
  • hack-saw;
  • screwdriver;
  • level, tape-line.


• The base is protected from plants and turf. Strew the macadam of small fraction on a plain surface and ram it thoroughly. Lay the fiber on the bottom.

• Process cut and grinded details with the antiseptic.

Put the sides and connect them with bars 70x70 mm. Fix the boards along both sides to the upper part of the boards to form the bench. Twist in the sundries, deepening the heats in the wood.

• Cover for the sandbox can be removable: you can make it from tarpaulin or tent with a rubber band around the edges for a snug fit to the structure. You can also make it from boards with loop strengthening. When you have connected several boards between each other, leave some distance for ventilation.

• Decoration is a final and important step. The choice of coloring, pictures, plastic forms, buckets and scoops makes the mood of children and adults better.


• If the wooden sides bunch of several strips of wood, the joints must be sealed with a special tape to prevent eruptions of sand through the cracks.

• It is comfortable to use a cover with a folding mechanism in the form of accordion. When folded, it can be used as a bench.

• The simplest shed is a mushroom - one-legged construction with a round roof. Simply install a support in the center of the sandbox, deepen it in the ground for 0.7 - 1 m with concrete pouring.

• A large number of stumps makes it possible to organize the available sandbox. Simply bury chain of stumps for 10 cm in the ground, in a circle. Multicolored painting will make a sandbox attractive to children.


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