Elaina Pearson

How To Make Christmas Bells

Multicolor lights, beautifully decorated Christmas tree, incredible miracles - Christmas is near, get ready for the unforgettable moments of fun and joy! We all prepare gifts for our relatives and friends in advance and want to make them a surprise!

I offer you a tutorial on how to make a charming bell. It can make a great gift, become an element of decor and attract prosperity, luck and happiness into your house!


  • rope;
  • various cones;
  • scissors;
  • a small pot;
  • tongs;
  • a fir twig;
  • a twig of snowball tree or wild ash - either decorative or real;
  • red beads;
  • a red ribbon;
  • glue-gun.

Attention! If you want to hang your bell on the wall, a door or a tree, make holes in the bottom of the pot in advance.

Making The Bell

Using the tongs separate the base of the cone from its scales. Take the glue gun and glue them to the pot as shown on the photo.

Glue beads around the bottom edge of your bell. Pull the rope through the hole in the pot.

On the tip of the rope in the middle of the pot, attach a small cone. Thus, you will make the bell’s jinglet. Attach to the top the twigs of fir, snowball tree (or wild ash) and decorate the construction with red ribbon. To make your bell sparkle, apply nail polish (with sequins) to the cone’s scales.

You’ve got a nice Christmas bell!


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