Lauren Ortiz

How To Make Bunk Beds

Purchase of a qualitative wooden bunk bed will cost to you enough, and reliability of cheap models raises serious doubts. The bed about which the speech will go further is very strong, can stand both the child, and the adult, and it is easy to make it independently.

1 – purchase of materials. 15 boards 98x48x3000 mm, 2 sheets of plywood 9x1500x1500, 5 of boards on a table 100x20x2000, 16 whetstones 40x40x2000 have turned out. Boards are planed, polished.

2 – angular columns and gashes. I doubled boards for the purpose of prevention of "torsion" of it at full drying and for the purpose of giving of stability of a design. The idea is spotted at builders of houses from a bar. Height of columns – 180 cm, berth height – 135 cm.

3 – beginning of assembly of a framework. Gash on one board, then fasten another bolts (110 mm), on two washers and a nut of M8.

4 – the most inconvenient if to make one. Roll self-tapping screws on 150 mm in end faces of boards. And corners.

5 – faugh-ooh, it is possible to exhale, costs already itself and it isn't necessary to prop up a shoulder. The framework is ready.

6 – here and the rookery looks through. From above, on the center of the short parties, on bolts and corners put a stiffening rib. Cut and fasten two sheets of plywood 9 mm thick (in the sum of 140x200 cm).

7 – table. I have thought and didn't become to buy a ready furniture board, and I have made a table of separate boards. From below among themselves they unite two diameters, on self-tapping screws of 40 mm.

8 – short flight of stairs. From the remains of columns – with that calculation also undertook that boards 3 meters, and columns 1,8 meters. Fasten on end faces – on two self-tapping screws of 120 mm from each side in an end face.

9 – before a covering with a varnish. The varnish is furniture, nitro. 1 hour, a stench terrible dries. Transparent is better! From above make a fringing of whetstone, and shift – because that to drive self-tapping screws in an end face it turns out only this way. Before a covering process a surface a small sheet of an emery paper.

10 – stiffening ribs, fix on corners.

11 – it is ready. Regiments from the remains of plywood and from the bar remains. As the imagination will prompt it how many and where. I have enough two.

12 – and now also with light!


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