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How To Make A Wooden Knife Rack

You’ve cut your finger on a knife when trying to get it out of the drawer? Don’t you want to set up a convenient and safe place to keep knives for you and your family? In this masterclass we will tell you how to make a wooden knife rack.

It’s Fast And Simple!

If you have a small but deep box, just fill it with bamboo sticks. Knives put between them will hold firmly.

What if you do not have a box? Make it yourself using 4 planks of equal size and one that is smaller than the others. It is a DIY knife rack that is also filled with bamboo or plastic sticks.

There is no easier way to make a knife rack than using a magnet. Make a mortise on the back side of any wood plank that you like in terms of shape and size. Apply glue and insert several magnets made of neodymium. Your knives will stick firmly to such an uncommon DIY knife rack!

Making A Sturdy Rack

If you have carpenter tools, you can make a rack that will serve you for years. To make such a rack, you will need wood planks, adhesive tape and glue.

Cut eight equal parts. This rack will hold up to 7 knives. If you want to store more knives, just add 1 to the number of knives you have - it will be the number of parts needed to make the rack. Then cut 2 side parts with curved edge (side parts of the rack).

On each of the eight parts make a mortise that is 3-4 mm wider than the width of the biggest knife’s razor. Assemble the parts to make sure all mortises fit.

Stick adhesive tape to both sides of the mortises on each part, and apply glue to edges. Remove the adhesive tape and stick two parts together fast. Stick together all the parts the same way. Use a stick to make sure the glue didn’t get into the mortises.

Polish the rack so that the surfaces would be smooth. Now cut a handle that can be used for holding scissors.

All we need to do now is to attack the handle to the rack using a screw gun and finish the item. The rack is ready!

If you don’t like the looks or finish of wood, you can decorate your knife rack with decoupage or paint it the way you like it.


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