Kinsley Alvarez

How To Make Pallet Furniture

Can I make furniture out of wooden pallets? Can I use pallets to make garden furniture? Would it be comfortable and beautiful? Naturally, “Yes!” To prove it we offer you this tutorial.

DIY Pallet Corner Sofa And Table

1. Take 10 pallets, plywood sheet, foam 10 cm (4 inches) thick or more, furniture fabric and tools (screwdriver, hammer and stapler, screws, nails and staples).

2. Lay three pallets to form an L-shape construction. Put on the top of the construction other three pallets.

3. Make the backrest. For this purpose, put on the base three pallets sideways.

4. Nail plywood to the backrest and the seat.

5. Attach foam to the back and cover it with fabric. Use your stapler to attach the fabric. Do the same with the seat.

6. Attach furniture feet. You can use bars instead of feet. One thing- they should be solid and strong enough to bear sitters’ weigh.

7. You can make a table out of the remaining pallet.

8. Paint your corner sofa and table in colors that match your interior.

You can make a moving table, attaching the wheels to its feet. If you want your table to be higher, but you lack long bars, attach another pallet on the top of your table. You can attach a sheet of plywood to your table’s bottom, thus you will have space under your table to store things.


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