Ellie Flores

How To Make A Quilt

A quilt is a comforter, one side of which (or both sides) are sewn from colorful pieces of fabric (patchwork style). I also decided to make such blanket for my year-old daughter. This blanket will become a developing toy, as it will depict various animals, which my daughter will need to find and show. This workshop is designed for beginners and handy people who decided to sew a quilt for the first time (as I do - this is my first work in patchwork style).

We need the remnants of cloth of different colors, padding polyester and threads to make the quilt.

Cut the fabric into a necessary number of rectangles and squares. You need to cut 96 rectangles of 10x12 cm (4x5“) (+ 1 cm (0,4“) on each side at the hem = 12x14 cm (4x6“)) for 100 x 125 cm (39,5 x 49“) blanket. Then cut a rectangle 22x24 cm (9x10“) - equal to four rectangles - for the central part of the blanket.

Next, you put these rectangles on the floor in the right order and sew them from the both sides in the strips, and iron all the seams.

Then the obtained strips are sewn together in one and also ironed.

The flip side of the blanket can be made of one color or of the same rectangles (squares). For example, you can make it from 20 squares measuring 25x25 cm (10x10“). Then cut the padding polyester – 100x125 cm (39,5x49“- 2 pcs) and sew along the edges on each side of the future quilt. Next, put together the finished blankets with the wrong side of each other, buckle the edges and sew.

That is how you can make a patchwork quilt.


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