Ellie Flores

How To Make A Ladder

You may often need a single ladder to perform works around the house. It’s very difficult to do without it. Let’s learn how to make it with your own hands.

We will need:

  • two beams 50*40 for a notchboard;
  • smaller beams for stairs;
  • nails;
  • a saw;
  • tools.


1. First, mark the location of stairs on the notchboard. It is important to mark them evenly on both notchboards.

2. Saw small grooves in the notchboard for the small beams (stairs) to set them in better.

3. Nail each stair.

4. To finish it up do not forget to cut the lower ends of the notchboards at the angle of 30 degrees or more to make your ladder more stable.

5. After the ladder is assembled, it is preferably to coat it with either varnish or paint to prevent rotting and infestation by parasites. (You can read about it in this article).


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