Delilah Kennedy

How To Make A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are used as a soothing effect for children and for adults in some cases. Weighted blankets provide some kids who suffer from autism, hypersensitivity to touching, or mood disorder with a safe mean of tactile stimulation. Weighted blankets also help to calm overactive or traumatized children who suffer from a disorder.

What You Are To Do

Cut the fabric. You’ll need two pieces 2 yds. each and a piece 1 yd.

Cut the 1 yd. piece of cloth to squares 4 x 4 in. that you will use as pockets for the filler.

Cut 4 in. pieces of Velcro tape and sew down the hooks halves to one edge of each pocket.

Cut a piece of the Velcro tape that equals the width of the large pieces of cloth. Sew down one half of the tape along one side of a large piece of fabric and the other half along the other large piece.

Lay out the squares 4 x 4 in a row on a flip side of one large piece of cloth. Mark the position of each square.

Sew down the loops half of the tape to the flip side of the initial part of the blanket in the places where you have just marked the squares, so you can attach the squares to the flip side of the blanket.

Sew on each square to the blanket from three sides only leaving the side with the tape.

Sew three sides of the large pieces together with its face side out.

Divide the weighting material into small bags that you will be able to take out if needed and wash. Put each filled bag in each pocket. Make sure that all the bags are tightly closed.

Turn out the blanket with its face side out, so the weighting bags are inside the blanket. Stick the tape at the top of the blanket.


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