Nicole Ruiz

How To Make A T-Shirt Quilt

To make a nice patchwork quilt you need only 5-7 old T-shirts and a little free time. We offer you a tutorial how to make a stylish blanket or quilt with old T-shirts. Cut out a square 20 * 20 cm (8*8 inches) from a T-shirt with image.

Then cut a red stripe (20 * 5 cm/8*2 inches), a yellow stripe (25 * 5 cm/10*2 inches),a black stripe (25 * 5 cm/10*2 inches),a blue one (30 * 5 cm/12-2 inches). First sew our square to the red stripe.

Then sew the yellow stripe, black and blue ones. Keep sewing squares (their quantity depends on the quantity of material and the desired size of the quilt).

Then sew the backing with batting, and sew seams around the quilt, this will prevent batting from bunching.

Now your blanket is finished!


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