Peyton Morris

How To Make A Puppet

Staging of puppet shows at home is a wonderful pastime for the weekend. You can make some glove puppets for the show. These dolls are more mobile than the finger ones - they can bow, turn around, and move its legs or handles.

Materials And Tools

  • white cloth;
  • pink plaid fabric;
  • a ribbon;
  • a red button;
  • black beads;
  • padding polyester;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • a needle.


1. Make a pattern - draw a body-glove, ear, cheeks, and head.

2. Cut out the two parts of the body with allowances for seams.

3. Cut out the remaining details. First, cut out two pieces of the ear from pink fabric, then cut out two parts of the head, two parts of the ear and one part of the cheeks from the white cloth.

4. Sew the body except the bottom side. Sew the ears so that one side is pink and the other one is white. Then sew the head, leaving a hole as wide as the neck of the hare.

5. Turn the trunk, the ears and the head inside out.

6. Stuff the head with padding polyester.

7. Sew the head to the trunk. Tuck and sew lower edge of the trunk.

8. Sew the ears.

9. Put on the detail of a cheek on a thread.

10. Fill the detail of the cheek with padding polyester and sew the cheeks to the muzzle.

11. Sew the red button, so it will be a nose. Drag the cheeks’ detail with a pink thread. Make eyes sewing the black bids. Tie ribbon on the bunny’s neck.

A puppet is ready for the show!


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