Lily Robinson

How To Make A Birdhouse

On an example of the classic birdhouse we will visually examine the process of its assembly. We cut the chipboard in accordance with the drawings and begin to work.

We fasten the birdhouse front wall to the side ones by means of nails or screws.

Attach the back wall and the bottom.

It remains to make a removable cover.

Install any perch as you like.

Fasten the sleeve to the roof of the birdhouse. Birdhouse roof in this case is removable in order to be able to clean it. However, it should be wrapped up by the wire or fastened by screws.

It is necessary to try to assemble the birdhouse as tightly as possible. All slots are desirable to fluff by clay or caulk by a tow. Nails and sharp edges should not stick inside the birdhouse, for the birds to avoid injury. It is not desirable to paint the birdhouse, it is enough to treat it with linseed oil. If you do decide to paint, it is best to use oil paints of translucent tones.


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