Audrey Scott

How To Make Sugar Crystals

For him to grow sugar crystal on a wand, we will require him:

  • 2 glasses of water;
  • 5 cups of sugar;
  • wooden chopsticks for mini barbecue;
  • thick paper;
  • clear glasses;
  • a saucepan;
  • food dyestuffs if you want to grow pied crystals.

Start with taking ¼ of a water glass, a pair of table spoons of sugar and bring sugar to complete dissolution on fire, having got syrup. Now spread a small amount of sugar on paper and, having plunged a chopstick into the syrup, roll it in sugar.

Check that sugar shots would stick on all the sides, thus, the crystal will grow even.

Having prepared several such sticks, leave them till their complete drying, otherwise the particles of sugar will begin to crumble as soon as they get into hot syrup. If it happens, the crystal will have nothing to hang on to, and so it will not be able to grow. Therefore, it is better to store sticks in advance, for example, in the evening, having left them to dry for the night.

Then, take a saucepan, pour out into it 2 glasses of water and 2,5 glasses of sugar. Set it on medium fire and, stirring, dissolve all the sugar, then pour out into the resulted syrup 2,5 glasses of remained sugar and cook till its complete dissolution. Switch off the fire and leave syrup on the stove for 15 minutes.

While the syrup is cooling down, prepare sticks. Take pieces of paper and stick a hole in the middle with help of skewer. Do not make a wide hole, the paper should be firmly fixed on a skewer.

Take prepared sticks and place pieces of paper on them.

Then, pour hot syrup into clear glasses. It is important to do this before the syrup becomes cool, otherwise crystals will not grow.

To make colored sugar crystals, add a little food dyestuff and stir it up in syrup.

Put a stick into a glass so that it would not touch the bottom and the sides of the receptacle. The piece of paper serves as a stick holder, as well as a cover by which syrup is protected against a hit of dust.

Do the same with all the other sticks: place them in glasses and leave to grow for a week at a minimum. Kids will observe the process with interest, because the crystal will increase in size every day. You must be ready that they increase in size in a different way, some of them grow fast, while the others can need more time to grow, but if there are no changes in a week, you will have to repeat everything from the very beginning.

We got such beautiful crystals already a week later, but several went on their growth for the same period of time.


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