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How To Make A Stamp

An engraving is a real art image replication. Stamps can also be called as engravings in the minimum format. During this master class you will learn how to make a stamp by yourself and feel like a real master-engraver. This stamp is suitable for printing with acryl, oil and ink.

How To Make A Stamp

Necessary tools and materials:

  • A piece of linoleum;
  • Stationery knife;
  • Wooden base;
  • Glue.


It is necessary to take the cheapest, smooth linoleum without texture (or with minimal texture), preferably dense. You can buy a special piece of it (for a linocut) in the art store. It is more preferable because of its structure, but when you need to cut something in large quantities, you can use most common one.

You need to apply the pattern on the linoleum. The easiest way is to redraw it by the pencil or pen directly on the linoleum, in a mirror image. However, when it comes to precise pattern transfer, it is better to print the layout to the desired size by a laser printer.

Pat it with iron and look what has happened.

Next, cut along the contour of the ampersand by the office knife. Use graver for the large areas (you can do without it if the job is small).

Cut the letter and remove the excesses around the edges. Try to smooth the surface in large spaces.

Next, glue the linoleum to a wooden base (children's wooden cube) using a good glue.

The stamp is ready!

Now you need to make a proof print and cut the flaws, if any. You can also use diamond-grinding belt to smooth the surface of the stamp.


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