Peyton Morris

How To Make A Waterfall Loom Bracelet

It’s easy to weave bracelets at the rainbow loom, and the resulting products make excellent gifts and accessories!

1. Set the rows of your loom in the "V" shape.

2. Take a color band and put it between the last and the next-to-last pegs on your right. Repeat with all lower pegs.

3. For color bands: Keep doing the same along the entire length of the loom.

4. For central bands: Take a neutral color, and skipping the first row of pegs, place them so that they were look like a triangle, the sharp corner down.

5. Before you start crocheting the bands with a hook, make sure that the arrows on the loom point toward you.

6. Continue to crochet. Do the same for all rows above the first, until you reach the end of the loom.

7. When you have reached the end, neatly tie the bands on both pegs and connect all the bands at the last central peg.

8. Add the last loop. Insert the hook through all the bands at the last central peg. Take a new band, holding it in your hands, insert it through the bands, and then pull your hook through the loop of the new band so that it wraps around the hook.

9. Extend your bracelet. Add new bands, approximately 8-10 pieces along one side.

Crochet the bands from the first peg on the second, from the second - on the third and so on. Then take the first loop at the end of your bracelet (at the end without the hook, and do with it the same as with the previous one: add it to the chains, which you have started to make using your loom. Now connect the bands from the end with the bracelet up to the first one.

10. Add the C-or S-clip. Add the C-or S-clip to the last band on the loom, remove the bracelet from the loom and insert the clip to the loops on your hook.

11. Remove the hook - and your bracelet is finished!


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