Leah King

How To Make A Parachute

It is easy to make a toy parachute on your own, with its help, one will be able to air- launch a little toy, little men, etc.

1. The following is required: A sharp knife, threads, scissors, a small bag.

2. Cut the bag on the left and up (or on the right and up, it makes no difference) and a rectangle must be the result.

3. Now it is the time to make future slings, threads will play their part, let`s make, as it is shown on (pic. 3), whether the red line is a thread and places, where the thread is connected with the bag, are indicated by asterisks. Do the same thing with two remained angles of the parachute.

4. Do, as it is shown in on (pic. 4), double the bag, find the middle of threads, make a knot in this center so that a few threads would remain below, as they will be required to attach a toy.

5. All that is left to do is to attach your toy (pic. 5) and launch the parachute to the sky!


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