Leah King

How To Make A Mousetrap Car

By means turned out to be at hand, one can assemble a simple car, in the base of which the most usual mousetrap will locate.

1: Materials

  • a mousetrap;
  • 2 ballpoint pens;
  • 2 pop tops of aluminum soda water cans;
  • 6 air balloons;
  • 4 CD or DVD discs;
  • 4 hooks;
  • a lace.

2: Pens

Take ballpoint pens to pieces. Their plastic tubes will be required.

3: Balls and discs

Cut off upper parts of 2 air balloons. Pull them on discs, as it is pictured.

4: Hooks

The hooks must quietly move along the entire tube length, but without dropouts. If the hooks fall out, they can be bent with pliers.

5: The center

In the center of the plastic tube, a hole should be made with help of a hook.

6: A lace

Insert the lace into the hole and throw it through the right end of the tube. Tie to the right end the toothpick or a small item, which would not allow the lace to come out back into the tube. Pull behind the end and make sure the lace does not actually come out.

7: A mousetrap

Install 4 hooks in 4 mousetrap angles. Try to make equally sized hollows.

8: Drive mechanism

Insert the first tube as the front wheel drive.

9: Wheels

Spool balls on junctions of discs and the tube. Insert discs. Likewise, create the rear wheel drive.

10: An axle

The lace will serve as an axle. Tighten it and attach to the mousetrap as it is pictured.

11: Rear wheels

Connect rear wheels similarly to the front ones.

12: Drive

Carefully attach the lace to the mousetrap mechanism. Now, if any item is put to the trap, it will be activated and it will start the car forward.


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