Caroline Murphy

How To Make A Tattoo Gun

It is not necessarily to buy the tattoo gun or pay a lot of money to the master to make the original tattoo on your body. The tattoo gun can be made with your own hands.

You need:

  • Holder for the motor and a power supply (you can use the metal clip from the pen as a holder).
  • Gel pen.
  • Guitar strings (the thinnest one).
  • The wire.
  • A motor with a plastic roller (you can take it from the player).


1. Unscrew the gel pen and remove the paint from it. With the help of a needle, "pick out" the ball from metal rod. Grind off the tip using the file, so that it has a string and can move freely back and forth.

2. Twice shorten the tube handle for ease of using and saving string. Cut the tube which has paint, leaving a piece with the size of the half of the previous tube. This is done to limit the string vibration during operation.

3. It is necessary to take a metal bracket from the gel pen and reel it with a sketch to attach the tube to the motor. Make a small hole (not in the center) with a red-hot needle of the string size in the roller of the motor.

4. Measure out the required length of the string. Tighten it with the help of pliers and then heat it with the cigarette lighter in the place where the future sharp tip should be. When it heats up, it will become thinner and burst. Sharpen the string with the stone for sharpening knives. Insert the string, so the sharp tip peeps out in 4 mm of the rod. Bend the other end of the string as the letter T and insert it into the hole of the roll. Twist the wires with the wires of micro-motor and connect it to the power supply.


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