Allison Baker

How To Make A Kimono

This charming item of clothes will be done in one`s sleep. Everything is so simple, that you wouldn’t be settled upon one sample. By the way, the handmade kimono can become a wonderful gift – you will not be mistaken with the size!

You will need the following:

  • Chiffon or silk (1m x 1m 40 cm);
  • A ruler;
  • Scissors;
  • Pins;
  • A chalk.

1. Double cloth the face inside.

2. Measure out 25 cm from the bend to the bottom and then 15 cm more-along the line of the edge.

3. From the marked points draw straight lines to their intersection. Do the same on the opposite side - two rectangles should be the result.

4. Fasten the cloth with the pins along drawn lines and scissor out resulted rectangles.

5. Stitch side seams.

6. With help of a ruler, determine the center of your workpiece, draw a line and cut the top layer of the cloth from a future neck to the very bottom.

7. In the final stage, you need to bound cuts. To do this, just fold back the cloth per 2 cm, starting from the top point of the neck, and stitch. If it is necessary, bound sleeves as well.


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