Eleanor Bennett

How To Make Burlap Flowers

In order to make these gorgeous roses we’ll need:

  • A sackcloth;
  • A piece wire;
  • A hot-glue gun.

How to make burlap flowers:

1. First, we need to cut the sackcloth up in strips. The strips should be 45 cm in length and 10-13 cm wide.

2. Next, we wrap material around the wire and fasten it with a hot-glue gun.

3. On the given base we start to coil the strips that we’ve made from the sackcloth. Having twisted the material in one direction, we start twisting it in the other and so on.

4. The left ends of the material are to be fastened with the glue.

5. We use the last end of the material to wrap it around the base of the flower. After that, we fasten it with the glue.


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